Canadian gas price math is bad...

2008: Price per barrel of oil, $140. Price per litre of gas, $1.42.
2010: Price per barrel of oil, $91. Price per litre of gas, $1.15.
New extrapolated price if the price per barrel of oil goes back to $140,
gas price $1.77/litre, or $6.90 per American gallon!
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rest of the world... 2008: Price per barrel of oil, $140 2010: Price per barrel of oil, $91
Croatia... 2008 (December) - price per litre - US$ 1,16 2010 (two weeks ago) - price per litre - US$ 1,60
Go figure... and that's the price for cheapest "regular" Super95 gas.
And this is happening all the time... global gas prices goes up and down... and "local" gas prices goes only up... on the two week basis... every two week the price is regulated... if it goes this week say, $0,01 down... we can expect it will go at least $0,10 up... sometning like hydraulic car jack... handle goes up and down, but the piston goes only up...
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Mike Torello D.E.A.
"Mike Torello D.E.A." wrote in news:if77c5$su0$
Yes, but Canada is the only oil exporter (and self-sufficient) country that charges an arm and a leg for its oil to its own people. I'm not suggesting a huge subsidy, but a scaling-back of what amounts to 60% of the price being taxes.
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