opinions needed

what about buying a used 2011 or 2012 mustang gt 8 cyl, manual and then
getting a suprecharger put on ?
about 28k (some only 6,000 miles) + 7k + some labor 2k
if ford did it, would they guarentee the motor and transmission?
if I put Keene bell I could save the labor.
Ideas? comments ?
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On a used vehicle I don't know. Maybe if it's certified used. ? I'm sure the S/C would be warrantied, and the labor.
I know many love the KB on street-driven vehicles -- lots of low-end torque. I guess it would depend on your handy-man skills. If you're competent, should be fairly easy. First, I'd ask the Ford dealer your [above] questions then go from there -- the answers may sway you to one way or the other. .
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