About to buy 2012 GT premium

Hi I'm about to buy a 2012 GT premium. I looked a a Roush Stage 2 and
fell in love with the car. Wish I could get the Brembro package with
the auto trans from Ford but I can't. Roush Stage 2 gives me what I
want with handling and braking. This is a vanity purchase for me,
since I am about to hit the septegenarian age. I'm going to need one
with the 6 speed auto. Any pros or cons abgout the car ?
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Stephen Gluck
In article ,
Hot young chicks might gather around the old guy with money? I'm not there yet, but I hope to retire in a few years.
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Only that IMO I believe you could take a car off the lot and add the same stuff to it for a whole lot less $. That and I couldn't buy a Mustang with an auto trans unless it had paddles on the wheel.
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On Jul 2, 1:42=A0pm, "WindsorFox" wrote:
I agree -- extra dollars for a suspension upgrade and a cosmetic kit. But if you like/want the firmed up ride and added visual flash, I say go for it.
If it were me I'd opt for Roush's Stage 3 (S/C kit) and have the body parts/flash deleted.
Patrick '11 GT (Brembos, 6-speed, 3.73s, and unspoiled)
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Better yet, take it to see those guys with the '12 running 10's. I mean the damn thing idles like a Singer sewing machine.
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Got the 2011 GT Premium (wow, nine months ago). Got it loaded: Brembo brake package, 3.55 rear dif, Navigation, backup camera, SYNC (my car has a 10Gb harddrive!?). Hell, even seat warmers (how did I go this long without them??). I have no problems with the factory setup...if the engineers at Ford thought this is how it should be, then this is how it should be. But that's me.
Pros: Psssst, it a Mustang! If I had a dime for every guy in a Prius or pickup who looked over longingly at my 5.0 badge...
Cons: Can't lock the gas filler. Just push the door and it opens, weird. No trunk key, so you have to keep the windows up and locked. The center console sits too high, my arm is always at an awkward angle when I shift. Some might say skip shifting (a gate "forces" you from 1-4). Hummm, oh yeah, the back gets dirty fast (air flow causes dirt to collect quick).
So, as you can see my cons, while serious, are rather trivial.
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Ken H

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