Retractable hard top

Galpin Auto Sports Mustang Retracting Hardtop in Action
Clever, but funny looking. Profile of the car is crap. Top up or top
down, I don't like it. Can't tell for sure but I think the back seat is
gone. Too bad someone put a huge amount of work into this.
If you like it, good news, it's for sale:
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Not for me, but it's not bad. To my eyes, it looks at least as good as the, somewhat similar, 80's McLaren Mustangs.
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Back seat? When did Mustang ever "really" have a back seat that was good for carrying passengers? A place to put packages, OK. But passengers???? LOL Of course, some years were better than others. Kinda like using a 'vette, Viper, or AC Cobra to carry many bags of groceries. :0)
We drive Mustangs! We doan need no steenkeen back seat!
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D E Willson
In article ,
Wow, they look a bit odd too. I forgot about those.
True! If Ford offered a backseat delete from the factory I might be tempted, but I don't see me buying a brand spankin' new car any time soon. Hum, for all I know they _do_ offer one. What I saw was, it looks as if the back of the back seat has been moved forward a few inches, reducing the "package space". My curiosity is up on this. I'd love like to see a better picture of the rear package space.
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