The Tuner-Boys Get a New Toy

1. BRAVO. First, that Subaru and Toyota can work together to bring such a thing to market. 2. Rear wheel drive in a good-looking sports car. Refreshing. 3. The idea that someone - anyone - at Toyota suddenly decides that they need to build something "fun to drive." Where ya been? 4. As always, love the comments below the article. What a bunch of wankers.
This is the first Toyota product in a generation that I would actually enjoy taking for a spin. Kudos for making it happen, but why under the Scion badge? To me, "Scion" is Japanese for "cheap crap." (Of course, the same always translated to Korean as "Hyundai," but that's coming around.)
And, finally, is that the third brake light down below the rear bumper? That won't fly in the US market, will it?
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And, again, so quickly. Obviously someone saw the growing popularity of drifting and knew they had to respond and fill future desires. Kudos!
Yes, hopefully, this will kill the desire to do [FWD] Civics.
Again, exactly. Toyota hasn't had "fun to drive' since the Supra disappeared.
I think Toyota has been associated with bland for so long they figured Scion would be easier to market.
Good catch. Yea, I though the 3rd light had to be at eye level.
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