rear brakes

I have been trying to replace rear brake pads on this 1989 nissan maxima;
unlike the front callipers I am having trouble getting the rear piston to
retract. I believe it is a ABS system . . . any suggestions?
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The e-brake needs a screw thread in the piston to operate. So you need a retractor tool to rotate and press the caliper piston simultaneously. I think Autozone will rent this tool for free, or you can buy it for less than $20 at most parts stores.
The one I have is simply a piece that fits on a socket wrench and engages the piston to apply a torque to it. If the brake isn't too stubborn this is fine. Better is a tool that rotates the piston and compresses.
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David Geesaman
If you open the bleeder they usually screw in easily. You're going to bleed the brakes afterward anyway, right?
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Why would you need to? While it is a good idea to open the bleeder so you don't push fluid backwards through the ABS pump, even this isn't going to put air into the system requiring them to be bleed.
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Steve T

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