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Car front end floats on highway
Hello! I have a problem with my 1964 impala ss that I am rebuilding,I have done everything to it. front end has been completely rebuilt. Now I am putting on the A arms on / control arms,that?s the...
1 year ago
HELP!! Car front end floats on highway and it's been aligned and other things too!
I have the problem 6d
2 years ago
'04 nissan maxima cold start rattle
I recently bought a '04 Nissan Maxima with a 3.5L v6. when I inspected the car it was warm and i didnt notice the rattle. when the vehicle is cold ONLY it will rattle for 1-2 seconds and disappear....
3 years ago
Nissan maxima 2000 coil 3 keeps getting burnt
Good afternoon, I have a nissan maxima 2000 which I purchased from a friend. Recently I started noticing some vibrations and the temperature in the car slightly increased. Took it to an auto mechanic...
4 years ago
Nissan Maxima Odometer
2000 Maxima odometer display erratic information. Cannot read actual mileage. Everything else okay
5 years ago
Engine stalling on idle (warm/hot)
can anyone tell me how to clean a throttle body on a 2000 nissan maxima
5 years ago
i have an 87 maxima and my dash lights are out cant see my gauges
i have an 87 maxima and all my gauge lights on dash dont work. All my other lights are fine.I cant see how fast Im going,my gas or temp
5 years ago
How to replace oil pan gasket on 2006 3.5 Maxima
Oil leak. Midas repair shop said it would be $400+ to replace? Why does it cost so much, when the gasket is only $10.00? Can a do-it-yourselfer do it in his driveway? If so please let me know. Thanks...
6 years ago
Power tilt and seat
Steering wheel and seat are only going 1 way on both.
6 years ago
Program new 96 Maxima Remote control
hi, Anybody know how to program the handheld remote control for a 96 Maxima without having to take it to the dealership to get it done ? thanks..
6 years ago
can a 215/45R17 be used to replace a 225/65-17 tire
My SES light went on yesterday, no noticeable symptoms of anything. Took it to the dealer, they quoted $949 for the transmission control module, and next to nothing to install it. Part not in stock,...
6 years ago 3638
replace master clutch cylinder on a 97 maxima
reservoir stays full, when I remove the outlet line from the master cylinder, nothing comes out, even with pumping the clutch pedal. With a vacuum bleeder pump, nothing comes out of the slave cylinder...
6 years ago
nissan runing hot fans run when air on not when its off
1999 nissan altima is running hot . both fans come on when when the airconditioning is running, but they won't run when it's off. any ideas for a solution to this problem would be appreciated ---...
6 years ago
1994 Nissan Maxima SE Auto
I am still driving my 1994 Nissan Maxima from 1994 and the car seems to pop or backfire when trying to accelerate from a full stop. Car also rumbles a nd shakes at a stop. This only occurs in hot...
6 years ago
wider tires on 17 in rim
can a 225/55 R17 tire be replaced with a wider lower aspect tire?
6 years ago