Where are the circuit breakers?

Hi all,
Just wondering where to find the circuit breakers for a 1992 maxima? My
sunroof and seats don't work (see my other post) and I found a reference
saying to checking the circuit breakers, but don't know where they are! Any
help would be appreciated...
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OK. The Power seats appear to be on the CB #1. However, both of the CBs appear to run through the same fuse... so if they are both out it is probably the fuse. But where is it?
Is this a GXE or an SE?
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Check the two fuses in the fuse/relay box under the hood next to the battery mounted on the inside of the fender. Until I can read a wiring diagram better (or get a better diagram to read) that is the best I can guess.
Whatever you did... don't do that again. ;-)
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