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Hello all
I have a 2007 Peugeot 407 SW 2 litre diesel that has done 105,000
I have owned this car for 15 months. Shortly after I bought it I was
driving when the emission control warning light came on. I returned to
where I bought the car and they replaced filters and cured the
Last Christmas I was driving when I received messages that there was
an ESP fault, an ABS fault and an engine fault that needed repair,
together with the associated warning lights. I had the car computer
checked and the diagnostics found no problems. The lights and faults
were not showing. The same thing happened a couple of days later, and
again the warnings etc went away the next day.
A couple of weeks ago the warnings etc reappeared, but in this case
they did not go away. I had the car diagnosed again and they found
that a rear wheel sensor was faulty. The sensor was replaced and the
faults again went away. Yesterday, however, as I pulled into a parking
place at our local supermarket the faults and warning lights
reappeared and the engine died. When I returned to the car after about
10 minutes, it started with no problem and with no warnings or lights.
Today I had the warnings and lights again, together with a message
that there was an oil pressure fault and to stop the engine. The
engine then died. I restarted with no problems and no warnings. I
drove for approx 300 yards and had the warnings and lights again,
together with the engine dying. Again I restarted and drove home with
no warnings or lights.
The startup checks say all is OK.
Can anyone advise me on what may be the problem ?
Any advice gratefully received.
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