peugeot 206 headlights down

got a really bad problem I can't solve on a peugot 206 2001 Y reg. The low
beam headlights don't work. High beam is fine. I replaced the headlight
switch stalk off the steering wheel but no joy.
Is there a single fuse that feeds these lights? or is it a relay? If so
where is it? I've googled for ages on this but can't find any info. I keep
reading about passenger side fuses but there is no passenger side fusebox in
this car. There's a load of fuses below the steering wheel and box of them
under the bonnet. Problem is, non of the fuses are numbered or labelled in
any way, except for amperage. There are no diagrams or box layouts or or
even a hint of what fuse is for what and there's nothing on the internet to
help with this. I read that the Haynes manual is useless for this so don't
want to waste any more money. I've tried hunting for a service manual but
all I get is links that go to dead ends. Any advice to get these lights back
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Headlights are juicy things..70W or more so a pair will be 10A plus.
If the fuses are spades, take each one out in turn and look at it - generally you can see if its blown.
A box of spares of various flavours is not hard to obtain at any garage or halfords etc.
On a 307 the fuses are one per light, F9, F10, F11, F12 and there are two relays one for high and one for dipped R5 and R6
That's not likely to be identical, but manufactures tend to do things mostly te same way in close models, so I am guessing the common element is one of those relays.
They are no big deal to replace once you identify and can extract the offending one.
And indeed I have on occasion fixed a relay that was welded over, or corroded - file the silver contacts with a nail file till bright and clean.
Id expect these to be in the dash area rather than the engine compartment.
OH. here's a fuse chart at least: Looks like F12 (10A) is one suspect - do reversing lamps work? or F14
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Also see here
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The Natural Philosopher
A multimeter should tell you where the fault is, and which circuit feeds what (slight Vdrop on the circuit when powered up)
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(Assuming a 1.4 petrol? Ask again if you want me to check another variant, although they are probably the same.)
Autodata shows 3 fuseboxes; 1x under bonnet, 2x fascia. Headlight fuses are in "fascia 1" fuse box, so perhaps there is another one?
However, each lamp has its own fuse; low beams are F31 and F32, so if they are both out it's unlikely to be the fuses(s).
From the wiring diagram, it would seem there are no relays involved, so my best guess would be a connector failure between the light switch and the fuse box.
Pugs are notoriously difficult to do electrical fault finding on; it's almost like no two are ever the same, and none of them totally conform to documentation. Good luck!
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Chris Whelan
Have you checked the bulbs - its not unusual for both bulbs to blow at the same time.
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Could be loose wire? check all the wires and the fitting at the lights even the earths as some times if they are not tight they can play around with your lights etc..
On Sat, 24 Dec 2011 14:15:01 +1100
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I drive an 03 diesel version and its the 3 spades in the plastic moulding which plug into the bulb that goes open circuit from corrosion every year or so.
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