Can a 97 pontiac grand prix gtp v6 3.8l superchargerfit on a 95 gtp 3.4l v6?

I've been looking to get a supercharger for my 95 pontiac grand prix gtp but I just cant seem to find one, and i came across a good deal on a supercharger from the 97 and im just wondering if it will work or if i should just continue my search, if you have ant suggestions for websites for a supercharger for my car that didn't come stock with one let me know. thank you.
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Totally different engines and intake manifolds. You will have to go with after market. It would be easier to add turbo or nitrous. Be aware that the 3.4 will not handle the increased torque without coming apart. It will need full upgrades. All bearings and springs will need to be replaced. Likely the intake and heads are warped and will need to be planed. Trans will need to be upgraded. Electronics custom made and programmed. To make it drivable you're looking at around $8,000. IMO, its not a very good engine.
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Paul in Houston TX
Not a very good engine is a very mild condemnation of that piece of scrap. Adding the blower from a 3.8 COULD be done - that blower is used by hot-rodders on MANY different engines - just like the old Jimmy 6-71 blower. Lots of fabrication required for any non-original application - and a WHOLE LOT more work required to make a 3.4 stay together for any length of time with any power adders installed - nitrous, turbo, or supercharger.
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