Replace a 50 series size with a 60 series on a 17" rim?

Can I replace a low profile 50 series tire with a 60 series tire on a 17" rim? If so, what sizes will work? This is for a 2007 Pontiac G6.
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E Mixon
225-50 17 is recommended tire on a 2007 G6. To get the same diameter with a 60 series tire you would need a 195-60 17 - it would be 1.4% bigger in diameter if it was made. Too bad - not made.
The closest 17" 60 series tire is the 215 - which is 4.8% too big - 1.3 inches taller and 1/2 inch narrower. This is what I would use for a snow tire on a G6 if I HAD to run 17 inchers.
I'd be looking for 16 inch rims and put on 215-60 16 tires. Only 1.15% big - you can also go to 225-60 16 and be within 3%
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