It's the only mid-engine, space-frame car made in the US, and a nice ride. In its last year, 1988, there were many improvements including a seriously Lotus-like suspension that makes '88 the best Fiero by far. The question is whether a good example will increase in value.
I have fully restored a 1988 V6 GT with 40k miles on it, and wonder whether to drive it for fun or store it for appreciation.
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It will increase in value, but how much? And how much is the fun worth? I'd drive it and maintain it and enjoy both benefits. Being a "restored" vehicle it will never be worth what an original unrestored car would be worth, regardless of mileage. Remember, "it is only original once"
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the only people who think the Fiero is a classic are the members of the Fiero Club of anyone else it's an ancient pile of crap.
The cool ones have the Chevy 4.3L stuffed/modified into them instead of the wimpy 2.8L.
GW (previous owner 1988 Fiero)
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Geoff Welsh

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