Re: Anyone heard about the new 997?

On Wed, 25 Jun 2003 11:54:58 +0100, "Robin Smith"

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Emanuel Brown
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It'll get some tweaks to the styling, and may go back to the oval shaped 993 style headlamps. It's going to have an updated suspension, and at least 340 in Carrera 2 trim. New Carrera 2S and 4S variants will appear with a more powerful S-spec engine. The Turbo will probably jump to 450-500Hp (before adding the $11,000 X50 performance pack, which adds 50Hp to the current 996 Turbo). And that'll be it. The really big changes come with the 998 in another 1.5 to 2.5 years, it'll probably carry an 8 cylinder engine, maybe the 4.5 from the Cayenne.
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Steve Grauman
They've already managed to squeeze over 100Hp per litre from the 3.6 for the GT3. How about a 997 that's 150-250Lbs lighter than the 996, and using an all aluminum 3.8 litre flat six making around 380Hp? The car would easily pull 0-60 in 4.0 seconds or less (on par with C&D's number for the GT3). All they'd need then is suspension updates to move the skidpad numbers from .96 up over 1g, and the car would be unbeatable by anything costing less than $150,000.
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Steve Grauman
That sounds right on the money to me!
I'd rather they give all 911's the "good engine" and produce a lightweight model (ala the RS) like they used to for racing/club events.
Of course, it's harder to be the worlds most profitable car company (per car) doing it that way...
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That all sounds like the Noble M12 to me. Different engine, but similar philosophy and performance and a *lot* under $150,000 in the UK. Probably not available in the USA, so you'll have to emigrate.
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Paul Spencer
All good ideas, lets hope they are listening and it fits their business model
Lightweight car is better than more power. Both is good too! If the money markets turn anytime soon I'm going to make a Boxster GT ie as lightweight as possible, no fancy stuff
BTW took a new 911 Targa around a test track the other day and was amazed after a little instruction at how well it held the road at immensly high speed without even trying. I guess this is the sort of performance you'll never see on the road
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Robin Smith

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