My 2016 Dodge Charger SXT

First of all, I'm a senior citizen who has been "into" cars for the past 5
and 1/2 decades. I have probably owned somewhere near 35 cars during that
period that range from Vettes, Austin-Healey 3000s, Z-28's and a Mitsubishi
3000. Oh yeah, then there have also been 2 VW Super Beetles, a couple of
MGB's, and when I was station in Japan, an Isuzu Piazza and a Datsun
Fairlady Z. Recently, I've had a Cadillac ATS, which may been one of THE
worst cars I've ever had (it was my first & last lease). And last year, I
traded in my '07 Dodge Nitro SLT for a 2016 Dodge Charger SXT AWD. The
Cadillac and the Charger sit under the same oak tree, side-by-side in the
same driveway. When I went to turn the Cadillac back-in last June, the
lease company charged me an ADDITIONAL $2800 for the dents caused by - yeah
you guessed it - ACORNS! Hundreds of them! And, although the Charger is
parked in same "line-of-fire" after a year - not a single ding! I think the
Charger is, definitely, one of THE best cars I've ever owned! It drives
great! Has plenty of power (292 horses)! Rides super! And has ALL the bells
and whistles! And after my Nitro trade-in and the "end-of-the-year"
discount, I paid almost half the sticker price! I'm a happy motorist again!
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