3rd new car starting battery in my 2007 Prius

Last time, I removed the choad by myself, took it to dealership, got
it replaced free with a new 7 year warranty. One dead cell.
Discovered dealership has free grilled chicken breasts, burgers, and
hot dogs Saturday. Service guy said some bring car in every Saturday
for a free wash and burger.
Howdy doody.
But what Toyota moron put a vent OVER the car battery in the rear
passenger side? I saw how the talented "tech's changed it last time
by the crowbar marks.
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It has to be vented. It's not enough gas that it will cause any harm. Bad location for a battery but there was just no room under the hood for one.
is a good place to purchase the Prius starter batteries from. They are a lot cheaper than going to the dealer. You can still go to the dealer for free food. If you feel bad about taking the free food, go to the parts department and buy an oil drain plug gasket or something else low-priced.
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In article ,
WTF are you talking about?
That vent you describe is for the hybrid battery--which was designed to work best when the passengers are most comfortable. Ergo, it's designed to be vented to the cabin and be climate controlled by the cabin climate control.
And in fact, that's the main reason the pedestrian Prius got climate control in the first place, instead of a standard set of buttons and levers. Push AUTO and be comfortable, and your hybrid battery will be comfortable.
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Elmo P. Shagnasty
In article ,
WTF are you talking about? Now there are TWO morons leading each other down fucked up paths.
School yourself on the hybrid battery, the 12v battery, the difference between the two, and the fact that that vent he describes has NOTHING to do with the 12v battery.
Jesus Christ. It's a wonder you can find your way to the bathroom.
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Elmo P. Shagnasty

The 12 volt battery is vented. There is a connection for the vent hose on the battery. This is what the original poster is referring to.
From : " It integrates with the current Toyota OE vent system and does not require special installation."
The venting issue of the 12 volt has been discussed quite a bit because it eliminates the ability to use a less expensive replacement 12V battery. There are some after-market batteries that would be compatible with the Prius and Camry hybrids, in terms of size, shape, capacity, and chemistry, but they lack the venting system so they should not be used. Fortunately there are a couple of after-market 12V batteries that are vented in a way that they can be used.
This Optima battery has the vent in the proper place, you just attach the existing vent hose . It will work with the Camry hybrid as well, even though it's lower capacity than the OEM battery.
The reason for the venting is that in case the battery starts releasing gas they don't want it concentrating in the small enclosed area where the 12V battery is located.
No offense, but you should perform at least a little bit of research prior to posting. Your continued misinformation on so many different topics, along with your attitude, do not help your reputation.
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You are both right.
The hybrid battery has vent for heat.
The 12V battery has a pipe to avoid any hydrogen and alike forming at charge time to be released in the closed car.
Traditional cars have the 12V out of a closed box, so its not a problem for them.
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Le Forgeron

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