One solution to starting problems with a 9-3 TiD

I posted this info (below) in a thread about noise on a 9-3 TiD above 170kms/h a couple of days ago but i figured that this is info which is
worth a seperate thread because I think that it concerns more people than those who are interested in rattles or humming sounds.
I experienced that starting problems (in the final stages before a fix becomes a necessity the crancking can last almost a minute!) of a 9-3 Tid can be related to a leak in the hose which makes excess diesel run back to the tank. It's actually not connected to the tank but to the hose which supplies diesel from the tank to the engine, hence the excess diesel doesn't have to run all the way back to the tank. The problem is that the excess-diesel-hose easily leaks. The leak is not such a problem. The fact that it sucks air is. The air gets into to hose which supplies the diesel to the engine which results in the hose draining itself into the tank when the car is not running. Hence you need to crank the engine until the supply hose is totally filled with fuel again allowing you to start. It seems that this sucking in of air is not a problem when the car is running, hence no engine hesitations when accelerating. On my 9-3tid, this problem worsened quickly so I had to have it fixed. Sadly it's a low cost hose but it is almost half a day of work to replace it because a lot of stuff needs to come off.
Quick test: the hose I'm talking about has a fabric (textile) cover. It starts on the front top of the engine and goes down between the engine and the radiator. Try to feel and check whether the hose feels humid.
Hope this helps someone out there.
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