Wheel covers on a 2002 Saturn SL1 Sedan

Hi. I recently purchased a 2002 SL1, 4 door, manual transmission, sedan. I =
love it.
However, I lost a wheel cover a few months ago, and I have been having a de=
vil of a time finding a replacement that fits.
I purchased two OEM wheel covers on eBay from reputable sellers. Both were =
listed as fitting the 2002 SL1, and both look absolutely identical to the w=
heel covers I have. They are the same size, same pattern; everything, to ap=
pearances, is exactly the same. The only difference I can note is the four =
cap nuts that fit over the wheel bolts, and which secure the covers, are a =
dark grey, whereas the ones on my current wheel covers are a lighter grey.
When I attempt to attach the replacement wheel covers, both lineup perfectl=
y, but the cap nuts don't quite reach the bolt threads on the wheels. If I =
push really hard on the wheel covers, I can make them barely reach the thre=
ads, but that's not right. They're clearly not fitting for some reason.
I even had my mechanic look at it and he was baffled.
Has anyone had any experience with this, or any advice?=20
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Check with AutoZone or Advance Auto Parts. Lug nuts may be different. If it's like mine, the lug nut has a threaded body below the hex head that the wheel cover nut engages. You may be able to get replacement wheel cover nuts also. I believe that they snap into the cover.
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