2015-18 Forester Recall

Got a letter from Subaru advising of recall for passenger seat occupant
detection system problem in 2015-18 Forester.
Faulty connection may prevent recognition that passenger seat is
occupied. Thus, passenger airbag will not inflate in a crash.
If seat is occupied but dash light says it ain't, you've got the
problem. Don't ride a passenger there- put 'em in the back seat. If
light is working accurately, you're OK.
Parts not yet available to fix it- at least in my area.
Stay tuned for more info...
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Wade Garrett
I had a recall on my 2017 Audi for exactly the same thing. I don't believe there were any new parts involved: my understanding was that they just cleaned and firmed up the connection. But I could be mistaken.
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Darryl Johnson

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