88 honda rear brakes & clutch

I drive a 1988 Honda Accord lxi 4 door, standard. Recently I replaced
my front brakes and calipers, although I need to get the tools to
replace the rotors. Well now I have to replace my rear brakes. Is this
sumilar? I know they are a different type of brakes and I have found
some DIY online. Also, my clutch is definitely starting to slip. Any
Please help!
blessings & thanks
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To replace your front rotors you will need a slide hammer. This separates your disc from the knuckle assembly. Your rear brakes are much easier and only requires basic tools. When was the last time you had any clutch work done? Replacement of all the clutch parts (disc, plate and throw out bearing) is quite easy but most backyard/garage mechanics won't complete it because the transmission has to be pulled. Also make sure the clutch is bleed when and if any work is done.
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Timm Sheehan

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