American car will have 1,150 horsepower

Drudge story goes to a dead link at USA Today. Try this:
formatting link
may or may not be built. meh.
For 'just dreaming' try this:
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You can't title one in USA and the closest dealer is in Rio but it doesn't cost to look.
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Pagani link didn't work for me, (blame it on Chrome OS, my Samsung Chromebook/laptop) so I typed Pagani cars. I used to like to watch the old Top Gear TV shows when they tested cars.
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There is a car club in Pittsburgh I was tempted to join, but the pal with the rare special car just sold it, after me offering to help put it back on the road. I did attend some shows.
I think we have a MacLaren P1 in town, I've seen it at local car shows. If you don't mind hybrids, it goes way over in HP rating.
Nils K. Hammer
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