Australian car industry.

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"It's made by General Motors And it doesn't always run But it's bloody well Australian through and through." -- Eric Bogle, Bloody Well Australian
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Scott Dorsey
Mostly due to the "Thailand Free Trade Agreement". Heaps of cheap crap from Thailand was dumped in Australia. But when Ford and Holden Australia tried to export their products to Thailand (which is a RHD market), the Thais doubled the price with bogus taxes. The politicians who agreed to that should be tarred and feathered
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Those tariffs on *imported cars* existed way before the Thai/Australia free trade agreement. There were high tariffs on *imported cars* as far back as the late 70s, early 80s. There were very much reduced tariffs on *utility vehicles* so the most common vehicle seen on Thai roads were *pickups*. That situation, AFAIAA, has not altered one iota. Did I mention that the tariff arrangement *promotes* local manufacture?
Free trade agreements are usually anything but. For instance, the Australia/US FTA is very much a one way agreement, all the benefits being to the US. We, it would seem, just get the negatives.
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