Crackling/"rustling" noise in Chrysler 300M

While driving at freeway speeds today, I could hear an annoying noise in
our '02 Chrysler 300M -- like rustling leaves, perhaps, but loud and
Turning off the fan didn't seem to make any difference. When the car was
not moving, there was no such sound, even when I cranked the fan up to
its highest speed.
Are there ventilation ducts that could have an accumulation of dry
leaves and are independent of the HVAC controls? If so, any ideas for
dealing with the problem. And please don't tell me to pull the whole
dash apart: once was enough for a lifetime.
Or is there any other possible cause?
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Percival P. Cassidy
It doesn't sound at all metallic. It really does sound like continuously rustling leaves. The lug nuts aren't loose: I checked.
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Percival P. Cassidy

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