Engine Flooding? Mazda MX5/Miata 1990

Hi all,
Any advice on an MX5 that won't start ( and behaves badly ) would be
greatly appreciated. Has been off the road for a few weeks now and
desparately need it!!
Garage tells me that the Injectors are firing open for 12ms ( rather
than a preferable 2ms ) and that the engine is flooding.
Disconnecting the injectors makes the engine fire ( until it runs out
of fuel )
I have tried replacing the ECU with another from a working car and this
does not help. The garage tell me that they've tested everything but
still the car doesn't start!!
What do I need to try next?? ... I don't want to start throwing more
money and o2, temperature, mass-air-flow etc. sensors just in the hope
they might possibly work..
Thanks in advance,
~1990 Mazda MX5(Miata) Eunos Roadster (Japanese Import)
1.6L 5-Speed Manual Injection
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Hi Jimbo Right off the top of my head I would check the Throttle position switch. Easy enough to check with a analog type multimeter. Disconnect the plug and with the test leads on the switch have someone push on the throttle slowly and see if the meter needle moves smoothly back and forth if it doesn't then thats one problem that could be the cause. The ECM is confused and thinks your at wide open throttle and opening the injectors too long. The Throttle switch gets a real workout if you think about it and prone to fail before any other input sensor to ECM.
Hope that helps, Rick
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