Help! '66 Mustang strange overheating problem

Mine also over heats but I hit some bumps that sent me flying and the musta
ng trannys cooling lines flat, I've replaced everything over hauled the mot
or, no one believes me but I think it's the water ports blocked by debri ,o
ver heats high and low idle around town on the freeway, within 15miles or 2
0min, It was that day that I hit the bumps that it started, I know the port
s use to be smaller for distance. Anyways that's what I think.
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So, get some hose clamps and adaptors and connect up a garden hose. Turn the water on and it should go right through the block without a lot of resistance. Same thing with the radiator.
If they are blocked, the garden hose in reverse may flush stuff out, and you can always use the acid flush and see what that brings out. Unfortunately if the system is kept sealed up by mineral deposits, when you clean those deposits out everything will start leaking so the acid flush is kind of a last resort to my mind.
And don't forget to check for a damaged or missing thermostat of course. --scott
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Scott Dorsey
in news:
I am betting you clogged up the radiator. If its old just replace it. thats what your symptoms tell me anyway. KB
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Kevin Bottorff
A 66 Mustang is not capable of having a strange overheating problem. That would be like having a strange shoelace changing problem.
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