NY stretch limo fatal crash - officials seized airbag module - why?

Some guy on the evening news claimed it was the vehicle's "black box recorder"
Some of the airbag controllers I have seen are quite simple and independent.
They would not be logging data.
I would think the ECU is more likely to do this. I believe they store
maxima for the last engine start: things like speed, RPM, temperature.
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Unlicensed driver blew a stop sign. How much detective work do you think is necessary?
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They might, but the airbag controllers have accelerometers in them. If the accelerometer data has been logged, it could be very interesting for crash analysis. --scott
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Scott Dorsey
The ones in the stretched Ford in this accident have accelerometers in them that store the impact Gs, as well as brake on/off, throttle position and impact angle (in this case that isn't needed as the thing hit hard enough that the engine was inside the cabin after impact.
They are pulling all stored data they can as everyone involved died. So far the limo company itself seems to be very shady and the various "limos" they have have failed many inspections and still are on the road. The driver wasn't licensed with a passenger endorsement.
The road where it happened is also a bad stretch, all downhill to a T with only a stop sign and one stop ahead warning prior to the sign. The vehicle not only was speeding it dropped into a deep ditch area and STOPPED! No energy dissipation at all.
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Steve W.

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