Does iOS have basic *accurate* address lookup anonymously from the stellar Google Maps DB API?

Does iOS have basic *accurate* address lookup *anonymously*
from the stellar Google Maps DB API in order to *seamlessly*
pass those accurate coordinates to any installed offline map app?
Use model:
1. On the net, the app privately queries the Google API for an address,
e.g., 100 Main St., Salinas, CA
2. The app passes the coordinates directly to any desired offline map app
e.g., 36.6766325,-12165582919999997 is passed to "navigator"
3. The offline map app begins the navigation process instantly
i.e., no cut and paste required - it's a seamless transfer
HINT: Androi has this basic functional power & flexibility, for free.
Does iOS?
If so, what's the URL to the iOS app providing this basic functionality?
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