Baby seats in 94 toyota trucks, ext cab..?

well this may be a crazy question lol but I have a little one on the way
in about 4 months i was wondering if it is even legal to have a car seat
in a truck? My truck only has small fold down seats in the back, so this
would be to hard to have a seat back there. I am not sure if you allowed
to have a reaf facing seat in the front seat ? If any one has had
experience with with I would love the feed back thanks .... oh yeah it's a
94 toyota 4x4 pick up ext cab. 2 rear fold down seats.
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Not a crazy question at all ! Good to see you're thinking ahead !
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) web site has a bunch of info on child safety seats. Go here :
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Scroll to the bottom on the page where you can access all kinds of information. I would particularly suggest that you look up an inspection station in your area....many local safety offices exist, usually community traffic safety groups, law enforcement, and EMS people, who can do seat inspections, because a lot of these don't get installed correctly !
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