Re: Air Scoops on a Bus???

OK---let me start something here---do those fiber-glass air scoops on an
> early bus really work?? by that i mean has anyone run any temperature
> tests that show there is More air coming in due to the scoops--yet even
> if there is---does it really Cool the motor??
> Phoenix weather, with 4 1/2 months of 100+ degrees--is the
> question--What is the answer?? Not concerned that they are ugly to
> some--Do They Work??
yes they do work
anytime you increase the pressure of the air coming into the fan ...or desc
rease the resistance to airflow coming into the fan ... the volume of air f
rom the fan ... and efficiency of the fan any given speed will incre
ase ... descreasing temps and improving cooling.
cut out the area under the scoops totally further descrease air resis
tance incoming to the system.
you should also remove the thermal control bellows and the air control flap
s further improve air flow for hot areas ...
add an external oil resevoir and external oil cooler and pump ...and filter
...turning your vw into an oil cooled vehicle as much as air cooled... do
all that ... and you can run the sahara at 140f ... yes ...i have done it
good luck
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I would highly recommend against removing the bellows and flaps, the motor needs to come up to temperature quick, especially in cold weather. If it's just in hot climates, fine, for the rest of us, you need those bellows. Do not remove.
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