Snoball Defense System v1.01

Latest updated 03-14-07
Here are defenses Snoball (aka SnoMan) falls back on everytime he knows he's lost the argument... Aside from disappearing.
Don't bother reading a "quote" to many times, it may not make any sense at all to start with.
_______________________________________________ (1.) Using the "Troll" defense 11 times. (newest defense addition!) _______________________________________________
1> "You are the troll and you do not know your trucks obviuosly."
2> "but if you really knew anything besides being a troll your would know that."
3> "your are pretty much in the troll catagory"
4> "Always a troll in every group....."
5> "like you so closed minded and bent on being a troll and causing problems"
6> "I typical worthless comment from a troll that really is cluelless about chemistry and physics" ("I" is "cluelless" when it comes to proof reading.)
7> "If you want a real answer to your problem ask me not this guy as he is just a troll."
8> "I guess you cannot read huh but what can you expect from a troll."
9> "You assume way too much but your a troll so I am not surprized."
10> "No big deal but your lack of good manors is far worse but what can you expect from a troll such as yourself anyway."
11> "Where there is one troll, soon anther will appear I see."
_______________________________________________ (2.) Using the "Child" defense 13 times. _______________________________________________ 1> "Such a child"
2> "You are such a child"
3> "and act like a child"
4> "You are such a child" (again)
5> "to act like a child"
6> "You must have been a troubled child"
7> "is such a inmature child"
8> "you act like a spoiled child"
9> "stop acting like a spoiled child"
10> "Uou act like a child"
11> "What a child!Keep it up is it makes you feel good andf gives you a cheap thrill, like you have never had a typo."
12> "Just consider the source of comment and name of this childish post."
13> "All you are really proving is how childish you are."
_______________________________________________ (3.) Used the "Insecure" defense 19 times. _______________________________________________ 1> "You must really be awfull insecure."
2> "Just like the "law" of insecure posters causing problems"
3> "You must be VERY insecure."
4> "these are the ones that are so insecure and threatened"
5> "YOu must be really insecure."
6> "how this stuff work must really make you feel insecure"
7> "cause trouble to make yourselfs feel less insecure."
8> "What ever makes you feel less insecure"
9> "You must be awful insecure."
10> "and it makes you really insecure"
11> "You must beone very insecure person!"
12> "children like yourself that are insecure" (add to the child list)
13> "You must be a very insecure person."
14> "We do understand that you are very insecure." (must have a mouse in his pocket.)
15> "You must be a very insecure person."
16> "Boy sombody is really insecure here"
17> "You must be REALY insecure or something."
18> "One it show how insecure your really are and"
19> "You must be REALY insecure."
_______________________________________________ (4.) Using "grow up" defense 10 times. _______________________________________________ 1> "it appears that you may never grow up."
2> "If you want to see a half wit, look in the mirror. Grow up"
3> "I am still waiting for you to grow up."
4> "Some kids never grow up." (
5> "Some kids never grow up." (rec.outdoors.rv-travel)
6> "We can all hope that you do grow up one day as remote as it seems." (that mouse again.)
7> "I wonder if you will ever grow up?"
8> "Do us all a favor *** and grow up some."
9> "Grow up and get a life!"
10> "We all hope you do grow up one day" (mouse in his pocket)
_______________________________________________ (5.) Using the "inmature" defense 12 times. (Yeah I'm not sure what inmature is either.) _______________________________________________ 1-3> "...drool/dribble coming out of a inmature childs mouth that serves no purpose and is unwanted just like most of his inmature statments. You too should think before you try to pass judgement and type because you observations are incorrect. I have a background in electrical and mechnical engineering and a MCSE. ( if it is mechanical I can tell you how and why it does or does not work and calculate yeild strength of axles if you want) If I have a weakness it is prehaps I get too complex with some of my explanations and wrongly assume that someone can understand the obvious when inded they infact cannot. Also, it is a classic inmature responce for..."
4> "You are the inmature child here"
5> "Keep up the inmature work!!!"
6> "is such a inmature child"
7> "You forgot to add that these inmature attempts"
8> "but you are doing a great job show the web how inmature your are and how threatened you must feel that"
9> "It is so sad to be so inmature and hide in the shadows."
10> "You just cannot keep that inmature child in you on a leash can you?" (This was his reply to an earlier posting of the Snoball Defense System which also pointed out he was spelling "inmature" wrong!)
11> "You know nobody realy has to even try to put you down because the real inmature child in you just shines right through" (another one for the child list.)
12> "Knockyourself out. Such a inmature attitude." (Still can't get it right can he?)
He never got "immature" right even once as it never turned up in a search of his post.
And for a little more icing on the fruit cake read the following thread (sbj: Dumb Brake Question)
Also note the extra Re's that get tacked onto the thread because he doesn't know how to use nor fix "Agent" (his newsgroup reader).
P.S. I'll update this from time to time because I'm a "inmature" "child" who loves to "troll" because I'm so "insecure" and I refuse to "grow up"!
Ha beat Snoball to it!

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