mondeo cut out wont start

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My mondeo petrol 1800 cut ou and wont start. There is no fuel at the rail
and pump is not runninmg.

Where is the pump and how do I check it out.


Re: mondeo cut out wont start
Don't know for sure about the mondeo, but think all Fords have a
cutoff switch on the fuel pump.  They are located in different places,
if you have the owners' manual, check that and it will tell you.

On Mon, 11 Sep 2006 08:04:46 +0100, "Peter"

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Re: mondeo cut out wont start
If you have an immobiliser, it usually cuts the circuit to the starter, the
ignition, and the fuel pump. Some of the early immobilisers were notoriously
unreliable. I ended up strapping mine out. Unfortunately you will find it
sifficult to find out how to do it. I worked the circuitry out in about 2
hours with a multimeter and a circuit diagram (Haynes)

As the other poster said, yes, there is a cutoff switch which you can
reset. On my '95 mondeo, it was somewhere near the footwell on the passenger

The pump itself is either on or in the fuel tank.

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