Raven brand truck cap parts?

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Anyone know if parts for these are still available anywhere?  I need a
new rear window assembly and hinge for mine.  Appears that Raven is no
longer in the truck cap business.  Or is there an online truck cap
"graveyard" that I just haven't found yet?  Bought this one on
Craigslist a while back and paid way too much for it because ones for
trucks as old as mine (1993) are hard to find now, been great for me so
far but I did something really stupid (if you really must know, had the
window open inside the garage, and pulled out to sweep the floor without
closing it, not thinking - D'oh!) and now I need parts to fix it...



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Re: Raven brand truck cap parts?

On 03/27/2010 05:26 PM, Nate Nagel wrote:
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I found it after more searching... apparently "Raven" was made by
Glasstite (or was a model of Glasstite cap, but it doesn't say Glasstite
anywhere on it?) parts for which are now sold by

http://www.brandfxbody.com /

no mention of Glasstite or Raven on their site, but I was directed there
by a poster in some truck forum or other.  Actually got a call back
around lunchtime today to my web inquiry and apparently my
self-inflicted CF *is* fixable, for less than I paid for said cap (not
by much, but still.)

I didn't actually order the parts as I was driving and didn't get a
chance to call back, but I figured I'd post this if anyone else had a
similar issue and didn't know who to call.


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