Bought '95 Extended Cab 2500 Chevy with low 234,430 miles for $3300 total

I read this newsgroup all the time and here's my two bits for my 2wd REDNECK truck recently purchased.
Problems galore appreciated at this price. Good news, very happy
camper/boater with new used truck. Ran carfax report yesterday and very happy with the results. Unfortunately reports cannot be done on my other vehicles older than 1981 (no disclaimer at beginning of process). Vehicle went to auction twice since '95. Lots of owners. One drove over 100k miles in just over a year on odometer. That's over 2000 miles per week. Driven cross country? I got this truck for less than price of big screen TV!
1st item replaced was emergency or parking brake cable. Spent $800 on tires Saturday and ordered numerous plastic dash parts that were broken including glove box, A/C vent, etc and rubber boot for column shift lever. Tire dealer recommended replacing idle and pitman arm and two right tie rods. Door light switches not working unless held in up position or twisted (not normal). Later found I could dis-assemble, clean contacts with cotton swab and reassembled they'd work. They had popped open in my fumbling to remove them. I installed new ones anyway.
I've been euphoric ever since the test drive. Test drive and drive home was on fumes. The gauge read empty all the time! Put $80 of regular in it and gauge moved to 3/4 mark. Ouch! The transmission is my next major repair. Oil smells burnt but still red. Need to pull pan and check for metal fillings, replace filter and top off oil. Engine oil is Kendall synthetic from Goodyear dealer? I've heard the name but I usually use Mobil 1. Change only oil filter every 5,000. At 25,000 change all oil and filter. I do this on my '95 Caprice. Other 7 vehicles haven't been weaned from regular oil and not all are in use.
No owners manual of course and only one ignition/door key. Had 2nd made. Hate to loose last one. In cleaning, vacuumed lots of broken glass behind rear seat and some in upholstery. Either load shifted and broke window or vandalism. Took forever for dummy me to find release lever to tilt rear seat up or down. Removed (engineering JOKE) scissor jack that is nicely packed in it's own case under rear seat. I haven't cranked the spare down to check air pressure. It's obvious the tire is like new. Tire dealer told me how to get the spare out. I thought you just use the large wing nut underneath to remove. I have wrestled my 1977 1/2 ton pickup's spare many times to re-install after refilling the air. Probably should have positioned the tire so it could be filled from underneath. I now carry a small floor jack purchased with jack stands for $20 from local auto parts.
Recently I used the floor jack in Caprice to lift older Lincoln Continental that also had a difficult scissor jack. It's no fun to crank & lift 2 1/2 ton vehicle with these scissor jacks. Base is small and may tip over. And in sand on desert? Forget it. Then I carry a small piece of plywood for a base.
With this mileage I have no idea if the engine is original or if transmission has ever been rebuilt.
Built in 9/95, Chevrolet Cheyenne 2500 extended cab, 2wd, 5.7L, A/T, P/B, P/S, 8' bed, AM/FM cassette radio (cassette plays all 4 tracks at once, my brain is not ready for this new technology). Can't decode sound in reverse either.
Anyway, I like it, I like it. Even if it will not get much use. This stud is being put out to pasture. Now it will be trips to the lake, camping and to home improvement warehouse(s).
Gary this completes 8 vehicle in my fleet.
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