Sonoma Transfer Case Noise

I posted this last night but a day later I don't see it posted. Sorry for doubling up if you saw the first.
Hoping someone here can help me out. About a mile into my drive home Friday
I noticed a "rattling" noise. First thought it was exhaust related but when I got underneath Saturday the only loose part I found was a skid plate. Tightened that up thinking all was good. No luck. Today the noise continued. It's not engine related, nor is anything rubbing, dragging, etc. While nursing it home today I was trying different driving tricks to pin-point the noise. It starts above 25-30 mph, and stops when speed drops below 25-30. When I shifted (manual shift transfer case) into 4-HI, the noise went away. I went back to 2-HI; no noise for about a mile or two, then it returned. Go back to 4-HI, no noise. Back to 2-HI, there it is again.
I plan to check the fluid level and shift linkage tomorrow, as it seems a little tough going into 4-HI now. Any other suggestions for things to check, common problem, etc.? Also, my vacuum actuator is dead, so the front right never engages. Given this, is it safe to drive in 4-HI (to prevent whatever is causing noise) at highway speeds (~30 miles of 70 mph interstate) without risking tire/gear bind?
Update-everything looks good underneath, but now I can not go into 4-HI. I'm fearing that I've a major transfer case problem. By the way, once I narrowed the noise to the 4WD system I would describe it as "gear mesh" rather than a "rattle". Damn, a rattle would've been so much easier!
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