86 4kq axles, more CF

I tried the extractor on the messed-up R inner cv bolt this am--no good. That's ok. I just tapped the outer cv off the new axle assembly--I can
live with the old axle and inner. Had it back together in about 20 minutes.
So I go back to the L side to finish up. As I'm snugging up the hub nut a little, after getting the ball joint seated, I discover the new L outer cv BINDS SOLID to the strut as the nut is tightened!! Looking things over, I see the new outer cv has an extra shoulder in its milled profile about an inch proximal to the mating surface, which must be interfering with the bearing housing. So it's return time...
There's much more to this story, involving 3 different parts stores and 2:00 ordering deadlines, but I won't go into it. Just like I won't go into the whole story of the stupid brakes. But OJALA, I can get this project finished tomorrow after work.
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