Re: Thank god for a strong car

I agree with Dave! JMHO but doing a constant pace gets boring and unexciting especially if there are no curves or something to perk your interest. I can deal with the
boredom by listening to audio books to stimulate my mind while driving long distances.
Actually I think that there are some laws here in the USA that if one vehicle is going too slow and has a line of vehicles behind him, he should try to allow them to pass easier.
But you do have to watch out for the idiots that only focus on their goal without watching out for the other vehicles. I see sooo many of them here that now I have my wife and daughter playing the game of "What is the idiot going to do now" as we predict how they weave in and out of traffic as they try to jump in front of the next vehicle. We have seen an idiot turn left from three lanes on the right (we were in the middle lane) cut in front of us (in the '83 Audi 4000s), another vehicle then lose control travelling across a short 25' intersection between opposing traffic, then 3 lanes of oncoming traffic, over the sidewalk, over a small wall, into a large glass pane window and winding up completely inside of a gift store. AMAZING that no other vehicles were involved. That was the most bizzare accident that I have seen! Also amazing, since I talked to the owner of the store offering what I saw as a witness, that idiot stopped within 3 inches of pressurized Helium tanks. He did not even jump out of the car and run away but waited for the emergency services to arrive! lol
All he was doing was turning left without thinking of the consequences. STUPID and TG I did not have the same thing happen to me as what happened to you! NOW (by always playing my game) I will admit I had a feeling, no indication though, that he was going to try to cut in front of me and I did not slow down to allow it. I really did not think he was going to turn left from that right lane. He was very lucky to be alive and not take out a few vehicles with his actions!
Glad you and your family are safe Dave, and BTW I like your name too! lol Oh and the bathroom is a dangerous place too, but sometimes you gotta go there! <g>
(One out of many daves)
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