1988 BMW 735i

I'm actually wanting to sale my 88 735I BMW. It needs a head gasket possibl
y. It just ran hot and I parked it cuz I had to buy a larger vehicle anyway
. I don't want a lot for it either although I've spent 1500$ on new parts a
nd garage repair. Engine is super clean and well maintenance when I was dri
ving it. I love this car. It drove perfectly and ran smooth as a beautiful
dream. Contact me if u want more details. Email me at snipped-for-privacy@gmail.c
om. my name is Shawna.
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What you didn't say, and what is one of the most important things, is where you're located.
These cars are kind of notorious for electrical issues, and if they have been kept in California they're apt to be a lot more reliable than if they were kept in Massachusetts. But this is actually one of the more reliable older 7-series cars, with an inline six instead of some of the crazier BMW engines that went into later 7s. Like pretty much all BMWs, though, running the engine hot is apt to have done some real damage.
Does it have an automatic or a manual transmission? Not a lot of these were made with manuals and there is demand for manuals.
I'd find your local BMWCCA chapter and send them an email to put an ad in their newsletter for it. You're selling it as-is so don't expect a lot of money, but you can get it a good home with someone who will take care of it. --scott
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Scott Dorsey

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