One key works the other doesn't

The BMW dealer replaced the main module because the locks were malfunctioning. Sometimes the car couldn't be unlocked with the remote key fob button, so I inserted the key into the door lock to open the drivers door. Pressing the LOCK/UNLOCK button on the center console sometimes would not get a response. Even reaching across to manually open the passenger door would not work.
After the repair, all seemed well until I tried the spare key that had not been used by the dealer. It generates no response from the car when the remote "open" is punched. Nor the trunk.
What the h*ll is going on?
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Ed Presson
The new locking module hasn't been informed about the second key, so how should it know to open the car when it sees it? The module needs to be programmed with the data sequence that the second key sends.
There may be information in the owner's manual about doing this, or maybe not. --scott
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Scott Dorsey

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