Garnier Fructis Style Play Style Pliable Clay - 2 Oz

Price:$2.50 Image: http:///image.php?id00ZIMAF0 Best deal: http:///index.php?id00ZIMAF0
This isn't real hair clay. That's the problem. It just says it is! Being a poor
college student, I opt to spend 15 dollars on Sebastian (or) Gatsby clay when I run out. Being "poor" is all about getting the best bang for your buck -- Not buying the cheapest thing possible. This "clay" is really just another putty... Or pomage. It shines your hair, has very little hold, and... That's the problem. You buy clay for the hold. This isn't really clay, there's no hold at all! It's more like a texturizer... If you just want a matte texturizer, this actually is pretty good, but... It's not real clay, unfortunately. I don't care if you're poor, or in college, or whatever -- Invest your money in something that will last longer, give better results, and save you money in the end. Both Gatsby and Sebastian's clays are the real deal, and provide real "clay" hold and form. WEll, when I first cut my hair short my friend told me I needed wax for my hair. I was pretty skeptical, but headed for the store. All of the other products were upwards of six dollars, and I'm a poor college student. I saw this product for about $4, and, after making sure the ingredients were the same, I bought it. Very easy to use a little bit does wonders. I put the product in yesterday, and my hair is still in the same position. Only downside is that the fragrance is a little overpowering when styling. I started using this stuff a few months ago and I love it. I got it at walgreens for only $3 and it's maybe the best product I've ever used for my hair, and I've paid upwards of $20 for products such as Bed Head Manipulator and American Crew Fiber. It doesn't gunk up my hair at all or leave it stiff, but the hold is very nice and it leaves a nice matte finish. Doesn't seem to work as well when my hair is on the longer side of medium, but when it's shortish-medium the stuff is great. INDICATIONS: Garnier Fructis Style Play Style Pliable Clay.
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