ok i have an 85 iroc with a 350, carb. i poot a new 3 row radiator,
waterpump. 180 thermastat,flushed all the coolant and poot in a new zeirgo
3300 16in electric fan w/ it being adjustible and i had the timing set
also. can anyone tell me why my car is still runing hot? it is fine on the
highway but on a worm day at idle or in trafic it is still slowly getting
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I have the same exact issue. I even disconnected the AC, upgraded the radiator, installed a lower temp. thermostat and yet I can only drive my 87 Z28 in temps. under 80f now without having it boil-over.
I did determine that the nose bra didnt provide enough air-flow and helped somewhat when removed.
Do you have any upgrades? I have a superchip and a much larger camshaft.. mines the 305 TPI FI though, not carbureted.
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James E. King
drive my
Manual or automatic? If auto, it could be your tranny heating everything up, especially if you have a higher stall speed converter in there.
-- Leo
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Leo Navoichick
well it is 5 spd standerd,for upgrades it has a edlelbrock 650 carb, performer intake, and well the motor doesnot have much else upgraded,so i dont understand why it still overheats?
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Is the radiator cap in good shape? It has to hold pressure and if weak, may appear to be overheating. I have a 1982 Z-28 and the thing has always run a tad warm since I bought it new. I did put a 160 degree thermostat in it and it helped some.
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Well.. one thing you might look at.. is have a guy scan the car.. I thought my car was always running warm too.. but had a shop can the temp, and the gague is actually reading 20-28 degrees warmer than the engine actually is.
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i was wondering if i could have a manual fan on the motor in the back of radiator and a electric in the front? would this work or would thay fight?
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Have the same problem. Dealer said to ditch the aftermarket copper radiator and put a high flow aluminum one back in. Haven't done it yet but plan on it. Aluminum dissipates heat much better at idle.
I also have been looking at Summit for a water pump that pushes a higher volume over stock. They have a few.
Lastly, the fans on these cars are a pain in the &^%$#. Check to see when yours are firing up. Mine don't come on til the car is approaching meltdown! A work-around....if your A/C still works, by turning on the A/C, both fans should come on. I use this trick on my Vette as well. Its a GM thing...
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James Alio

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