2000 Intrepid ES random Check Engine Light

The usaul story, you get a service, and wierd gremlins come out of the
I had a small leak from the Transmission cooler line, had it
tightened up, and the mechanic sprayed some sort of Alchohol mix onto
the lines, from the top and bottom of the car. Four days later, when I
go to fire up the car, the "Check Engine" light starts blinking like
crazy. Shut the engine off, start up again, and the light goes off.
Try the ON-OFF trick, and no codes, fortunatley I know a Friend that
has the reader, plug it in, and just the "55 End of Trouble Codes".
Start the car today, the Check engine starts blinking like crazy again.
Has the twit hit something he wasn't supposed to, the only thing inside
the bay near the transmission lines is the horn, and maybe the
alternator, but that should throw up a warning of its own ?
Has anyone had this happen?
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The "55 End of Trouble Codes" I believe is associated with 1997 and earlier Intrepids, not 2000. If the MIL (check engine) was lit (and especially if blinking) it would have set a code.
What type of reader were you using?
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Greg Houston

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