Can Chrysler Towne & Country anti theft be reset by owner?

When we were getting ready to leave VA Beach, the couple/child from WV were having car trouble. The Towne and Country would start, run for a couple of seconds, and quit. Sounded to me like the anti theft software kicked in. The car will start, and then shut the current off to the fuel injectors. On my wife's Alero, when this happened, you would turn the key to on, NOT START, and leave it sit for about 20 minutes. When the Anti-Theft light went off, it was re-set, it would start and keep running.I tried this with his, no luck. I disconnected/ reconnected the battery and it didn't help. I suggested he call a Chrysler dealer, get service, and see if they would tell him what to do.
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Pete E. Kruzer

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