Dodge Caliber/Jeep Compass 2.0L 4-Cylinder

the intake manifold runner control stuck closed.
I found the control valve, and removed it. I attempt to turn the shaft that is inside the intake manifold to operate the manifoild runner, but it does not turn. I do not want to break it and I have never worked on one before, so I need to know if it should turn freely, and about how far.
I can turn the output shaft of the small motor, and it turns about 60 degrees or so and hits a hard stop. It appears that this should be enough to operate the runner sufficiently to change the length of the intake, or open it up more so there is greater air flow, whatever happens. Since I cannot physically turn the shaft that is the manifold runner, I think I have to replace the entire manifold, but I am not sure.
Does anybody know if I can fix this car for the price of the control valve/motor, or do I have to replace the intake manifold? I can do either, but one option is $150 more than the other.
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Jeff Strickland

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