Gas gauge sender problems.

99 Dodge Gran Caravan:
My gas gauge sender seems to have a dead spot about midrange. When the gas sloshes and the sender goes across this area the needle dips for a second s o I suspect it is an open as higher resistance correlates to a lower fuel l evel, at least that is what I have seen on my Dakotas.
The dip is no problem as I don't check the gauges every few seconds but thi s condition also blinks the low fuel light for a moment and dings the chime . The closer the level is to half tank the worse. Going up the interstate l ate at night, ding, ding, ding-ding. It is better if I top off but it is a 5.5 hour, one tank drive from my house in VA to the job in PA. So I don't w ant to keep topping off. Probably too much info already here.
So my question to you is this. How hard is it to disconnect the low fuel li ght and chime? The pump is only 2 years old and would like to get a few mor e miles out of it.
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J Hite

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