How are cracks in windshield handled these days?

lifting one of the front corners to do some suspension work. I didn't hear anything, but at some point it must have been due to body torque or twisting that caused a crack in the windshield, in the opposite side to where I was lifting.
The crack starts about an inch or two up from the bottom of the passenger-side corner, goes towards the center of the windshield for about an inch or two and then curves back toward the edge and up for about 6 inches. So the crack is on the edge of the area swept by the passenger-side wiper blade. The crack probably starts at the edge of the glass, but I can't tell because of the windshield trim.
Since it happened maybe 5 or 6 months ago, the crack might have grown by an inch or two since then.
What is available from the world of windshield repair these days that is typically applied to this sort of situation - if anything?
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MoPar Man
Cracks are different than chips. Some can be repaired but usually it isn't worth the money. It sounds like yours has spread over the recommended distance already (generally anything over 5" or so long is not repairable).
Safelite says about 350 for new glass installed, Used glass runs about 100 bucks if you wanted to DIY.
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Steve W.
Sounds too long to do anything about. Its rare for my cars to go more then a year or two before a rock causes a crack. If it's not bothering my view I don't bother fixing it till there are enough rock pits that it's worth the trouble, even though I have insurance. When the pits start to create enough glare into the sun I get it replaced and tell them the crack happened last week.
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Ashton Crusher

Our car insurance covered our cracked windshield about 8 years ago. Probably depends on the company.
Depends on the policy, not the company.
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