Knocking sound that resonates to the steering wheel

comes from the driver's side and it sort of vibrates to the steering wheel. The Chrysler dealership has told me that it was a 'spark knock'. I found out that was simply a thing called a misfire. I do believe that I have that issue also with the damn ethanol in the gasoline. But, I don't believe that is the issue with the knocking sound with a slight ping that I feel in the steering wheel. I believe it to be something with the steering, shock/strut, suspension or brakes. Any clues? Thanks!!!!
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Tina A
Spark knock is the fuel detonating in the cylinder before full compression. the car still runs but constant detonation will eventually wear a hole in the your pistons among other things. There's a knock sensor on the engine that is supposed to adjust your timing to prevent this.
a misfire means the cylinder in questions is not firing........for what ever reason. And it might not even be coming from your engine. When is it happening? and what were you doing when it occurred? accelerating? turning the wheel? going over a bump?
Take the service advisor at the dealer for a drive and demonstrate the problem for him so he can demonstrate it for the tech. A knocking sound is much louder than "ping" and much different causes.
My question long have you owned the car? did you have it checked out before you bought it? Also ask the dealer if the balance of the warranty was transferred.
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