Where are the vintage chryslers?

Since there seem's to be less chrysler models out there than fords, or
chevys, where is the best places to look for old models like Imperials??
is there a national club by chance) Thanks very much!
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I don't think you will find many Imperials for sale. Many have been used up in demolition derbys.
Go to your nearest 7-11 and pick up an old car trader. You're bound to find a MoPar for sale locally. If you really want an old MoPar, look in Hemmings.
I just went to
formatting link
(it sounded like it should be a real web site, and turns out it is).
21 Dodges between 1965 and 1975. 19 Plymouths 7 Chryslers
I thought there'd be more. Maybe it's not a popular site.
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MoPar Man
The old Mopars seem to be pulling down big bucks at places like the Barrett Jackson auction in Scottsdale. You might want to go to some collector car auctions. Although, the cars are so high, that might not be all that much fun.
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Go here:
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And there are a surprising number of old Imperials on Ebay...
You can also check the listings at:
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Gregory Morrow

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