Where are all of the VIN locations on a Miata

I need to know where all of the VIN numbers on a 1991 BRG Miata are. I
know the obvious one on the dash. Aren't there other locations with a
VIN on it also (Engine, frame, etc.)
Anyone know exactly where they are located on the various parts? I want
to know so I can check out a car to make sure the seller is telling me
the truth about its repair history.
Thanks so much.
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* VIN number locations: Front drivers side on dash under windshield (plate) Door jamb next to strike plate on both sides (sticker) Door next to latch on both sides (sticker) Fire wall (1/4" tall stamped letters on welded plate) Hood (sticker) Front fender in water run-off gully on both sides (sticker) Inside front bumper, passenger side, just under turn signal (sticker) Trunk (sticker) Inside rear drivers side fender just in front of bumper under gas fill hose (sticker) Passenger side of aluminum oil pan (riveted metal plate) PPF, top side roughly in center (stamped letters)
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mngineer wrote
Most likely a dealer "installed" option. New car dealers and mortgage companies sure know how to be creative with additional charges. -- Ken Lyons '97 Brilliant Black/'90 Classic Red Inside the Beltway [Remove the first two digits to reply]
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Ken Lyons
When we bought a Chevy earlier this year, the dealer offered us the "protection" of having a number etched into windows that could be used to identify the vehicle in the event it was stolen. Also offered with this "service" was some kind of insurance that pays out if the vehicle isn't recovered in some limited time period. I was a little suspicious that I was asked to sign a form "declining" this product, but I didn't read the form very closely. I did catch the word "waiver" on the form.
Well, we noticed a couple of days later, the dealer had taken the liberty of etching all of our windows with the number anyway. In essence, they "gave" me part of the service and I apparently waived them from providing the (useless) insurance. I wouldn't be surprised if that waiver form I did not read closely enough also releases the dealer from liability for replacing the windows on my new car that they'd defaced. The annoyance factor is minimal so I haven't complained at the dealer, but, beware.
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