99 Dodge Neon

< snipped-for-privacy@mars.com> wrote in message wrote: > > >I have a 99 Dodge Neon which recently started exhibiting some bizarre
> >behavior. Originally I had to replace the radiator due to corrosion. > >So I got a new aftermarket radiator, new hoses, thermostat, replaced > >everything, filled her up with 50/50, ran the car until all the > >bubbles dissapeared, topped it off a little bit more. Car ran fine for > >awhile. > > > >Now the bizzare stuff. Like clockwork the car will intermittently > >overheat after running (under load or just idling). 2 minutes or so > >after first starting the car and just normal driving the seat belt > >alarm will come on for about 10 seconds then go off, 3 or 4 minutes > >into driving the radio will "blank out" for about 4 to 6 seconds then > >come back on, interior and exterior lights will periodically dim, and > >most importantly - 10 minutes or so after having reached operating > >temperature (about 1/3 up on temp gauge) the car will overheat. > >This is not a runaway overheat condition. The temperature gauge will > >suddenly max out, the audible alarm will sound then after a few > >seconds (10 to 20) it will back down again. Then it will > >intermittently repeat all of the above from the seat belt alarm down > >to the temp maxing out again. It will continue doing this until I turn > >off the engine. It will repeat everything the next day after having > >sit overnight or just a few hours. > >When the temp maxes out I turn on the heat inside the car to help it > >shed some heat. It helps back down the temp gauge and it will > >fluctuate around middle then max out again for a few seconds > >periodically. > >I have checked the fan fuse (fuse ok). The fans work though I believe > >they may come on too late at times. I have replaced the temperature > >sensor/sender in the head. All coolant levels are normal. The > >reservoir is always half full. There is no coolant in the oil so that > >rules out a cracked head or head gasket. Is the computer bad? Or could > >it be a relay somewhere that's bad? I've spent hundreds on this car > >and no mechanic has able to properly diagnose this problem so far. > >Anybody have any ideas?? Thanks in advance. >
Have the modules scanned for any fault codes
Glenn Beasley Chrysler Tech
Try testing the pressure cap. this will cause a boil-over which will cause an overheat. If you don't have the tool, try this link. I get my tools from here.http://www.aktoolsandequipment.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&amp ;ProdID'659 or it may be cheaper to get it tested by a shop, good luck, repost with results.
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