OT-A note to all thinking of building rock crawlers

(dragging out soapbox)
Last night, when my wife went into work at the local E.R., there was a severely injured man in the treatment room.
Now, why was this guy so banged up? He rolled his rock crawling truck . . . .and there was not a roll bar in it. None, nada.
He probably wasn't one of the entrants in the Jeep Safari rock crawling events as they are required to have safety equipment, like roll bars, safety harnesses, helmets, etc. It was very apparent this truck didn't have those items by his condition and the fact the cab roof is now even with the tops of the doors. I guess he was just some guy with a truck with big tires and he wanted to see how it would do on some rocks. Possibly, he wasn't thinking too clearly for some reason.
The truck did have a BIG lift kit, 4 foot tall tractor tires / rims and not much other damage in comparison other than the lowered roof.
Folks, the rocks on the Moab Jeep Safari are carefully selected and tested to give max thrill and yet have safety. The rules are there to protect your dumb butt when on the trails. The safety equipment is to make sure you get to take your body home and not be sent home by UPS.
The sad part is that this one idiot, whether he survives or not, has put a black mark on the event and the sport.
If you decide you want to drive a rock crawler, please follow all rules and use all the safety equipment and make sure it's all working BEFORE you take that first test drive. And remember, not all the rocks out here are for rock crawling.
( Putting soapbox back)
Budd Cochran

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